Electric Forest was probably the most anticipated festival of summer for us. It has always been one that I have tried to attend, but someway somehow every year it has fell through. This was year though… not only was Ryne & I going but we were lucky enough to be setting up shop right next to BL Visuals. As day one commenced, I started to notice all the unique & funky fashion. It wasn’t like any other festival that I had been to thus far. Everyone got very creative in there own way, and really let their personalities show through their fashion. From long maxi skirts with bathing suit tops, halter tops, chokers, vintage t’s, oversized hats, flat bills, and combat boots, girls really knew how to dress up or down their outfits… and I totally digged it. If I could sum up the forest in one word it would have to be “magical!” The forest at night was something like I’ve never seen and everyone that I met that was so inspiring in there own way. I literally didn’t feel like I was just at another festival, I felt like I escaped reality with 35,000 plus people to a place where no one judge, just loved! After a month of 4 straight festivals, to end it at the forest was very liberating.
Top Sellers: Festy Besty x Grassroots California Day Hat (Part I), FB Kitty Ears, and FB Vibe Tribe Tank.
Trending Fashion: Kimono’s, Maxi Skirts, Crop Tops, Halter Tops, BL Visuals Gear, GRC Flat Bills, and TOTEMS!!
(Sources In Order of Apperance: www.hbabmag.com, www.pinterest.com)
Favorite Musical Set: Odesza & Kaskade
(Source: Youtube User HODJ Music)
(Source: Youtube User Patrick Carr)