Bonna-R00 Music & ARts Fest!val, Happy 15 Years!

Bonnaroo music and arts festival is a festival that is like no other. You can run around on a farm while listening to your favorite band and viewing the most beautiful art and sculptures you’ve ever seen.2016 was Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival’s 15th year Anniversary and we were so incredibly happy to be apart of it. There is a photographer named Danny Linch who has photographed Bonnaroo for all 15 years and they decided to do a tribute to his art over the years on the walls of 'Roo!
Check out some of his work below!
The energy you feel at Bonnaroo is like no other… Mind you, we’ve been to plenty of music festivals but Bonnaroo is DEFINITLY something out of this world. There is no way to describe the feeling we have when we are out on the farm but we can show you images of what it looks like along with how we felt when we are there… Enjoy our Bonnaroo images!
Heading into the campgrounds...
Viewing the 15 Years of Magic Wall and LOVIN' IT!
Our favorite Festy Besty Babes jumping around in the Mushroom Fountain coolin' off from the summer heat in Manchester, Tennessee.
<3 More to come to come my Festy besty's <3
xoxo., Sierra