Okeechobee Music + Arts Festival 2016

"Okeechobee You are a part of me!"

Okeechobee Music + Arts Festival 2016 was the first year of many for this amazing event. We had no expectations when it came to vending, but we were positively surprised by all the smiling faces that have seen us at other festivals all around the country. We met so many people from Florida that remembered our very first booth at Hulaween Music Festival, which was inspiring for us since they have watched us transform from a table with flower headbands to an onsite boutique.

The festival takes place one the Okeechobee River in March, so its nice and sunny during the day with a nice lil chill at night. Perfect weather for a camp out festival. But... being in the heart of everglades we spotted plenty of wildlife including gators and snakes :|. Besides the reptiles though the festival was absolutely magical and to this date one of our favorite events. Okeechobee gives you the feeling that this festival is all about you and what you make of it. Want to see some of the biggest headliners in the world?... your covered. Want to wake up and do Yoga?...no problem. Want to jump on stage in the WobeeChobee village and spit a freestyle?... get on up their and the band will give you a vibe. Wanna  get weird in some igloos or get down in  Jungle 51 until dawn with lasers and a crashed UFO?...easy peasy. Want to sit at antique coffee tables in the Chia Lounge and sip tea ? come and get its, it's free!